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Florida Lacrosse Officials Association

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The Florida Lacrosse Officials Association (FLOA) is constantly striving to recruit and retain the most qualified and dedicated individuals to join our team.  As lacrosse officials we are often referred to as “the third team on the field” for very good reason. Lacrosse referee’s have to work together; communicate with each other, coaches, players and spectators; and we must have a superior understanding of the rules of lacrosse. Your position on the field or “Mechanics” is vitally important to making the right call and we are always searching for new referees that understand the concepts of professionalism, excellent personal appearance, preparation, and teamwork. Our most successful members understand that our primary job is to promote the sport of boy's lacrosse at the High School, Middle School, and Grammar School levels by providing officials throughout Central Florida. We accomplish our mission by administering training, certification, services, and representation at all levels of boy’s lacrosse. Additionally, FLOA provides a forum to boys lacrosse officials in which to raise their ideas and concerns. Central to the mission of FLOA is the establishment of good, solid working relationships with the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA), Florida Lacrosse League (FLL), and lacrosse tournament directors. If you are interested in honoring the game of lacrosse and seeing the game from a very different perspective, and you feel you have what it takes to dedicate yourself to being a lacrosse referee, get in touch with Joe Ferraro, Dave Sackman, Tracy Beattie, and/or Joseph Heintzelman now to begin your journey.


Equipment list:

Required Item Approximate Cost
1” striped shirt with collar and pocket $15-40
Black shorts
(golf style – no cargos or gym shorts)
Black hat with white piping $12-20
Black belt with silver buckle $5-20
Whistle (Fox 40 finger) $10-20
Penalty flags $5-20
Timer $30-80
Score card and pencil $5
Black sneakers $30+

Pay structure:

FHSAA spring season varsity game $83
FHSAA spring season JV game $71
Youth league – fall and spring ball – all levels $60
Tournament games $60-80


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About US

The Florida Lacrosse Officials Association, also known as FLOA, is located in Orlando, Florida, and is the go-to officials service provider for any and all boys/mens lacrosse programs operating in central Florida.